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Shimla fruit products

With more and more land across Himachal Pradesh being used for fruit cultivation, the hill state is expected to break yet another production record this year.

"The total yield of fruit in the state this year (2005-06) is expected to cross the 700,000-tonne mark, with apple being the major contributor," said Singhi Ram, state horticulture minister.

Last year the state had produced 690,000 tonnes of fruit, a record and a leap from 2003-04 by a whopping 130,000 tonnes.

"But an all-time high is set to be recorded by the end of this year," Ram told.

Apple contributes around three quarters of the total fruit production. The remaining space is shared by citrus fruit like 'kinnu' and orange and stone fruit, including plums, apricots, pears and mangoes.

When asked about the reason for the steady rise in fruit production, Ram replied: "In the last few years almost 10,000 hectares has come under fruit cultivation, a quarter of which has been replanted."

While the government is celebrating yet another bountiful fruit crop, environmentalists continue to be worried about more and more forest land being cleared for cultivation by farmers.

"This rising production of fruit isn't worth it if it's at the cost of losing precious forests in the fragile Himalayan terrain, which is the catchment area of several great rivers that flow through Himachal to irrigate the plains," activist Rajeshwar Singh Negi told.Himachal Pradesh is gifted with a variety of agro-climatic conditions, which are suitable for growing a large variety of fruits. With Citrus fruits in valleys, Grapes in high hills, Mangoes, Litchis, plums, almonds, Strawberries, Apricots, Peaches, Cherries, Pears in warmer and temperate regions - it is Fruit Bowl of the country.

Himachal is the top apple producing state in India. Apple revolution here started in 1920 when Apple sampling brought from America were grown at Kotgarh in Shimla District on an experimental basis. None had believed that it would bring prosperity to this hill state. People took fancy to horticulture and the state soon became Apple State of India.

Special efforts are being made to promote cultivation of new crops like Kiwi, olives, figs, hops, mushrooms, flowers, pistachio nuts, melons and saffron.

The region in and around Shimla happens to be a leading producer of fruit based products like Pickles, Juices, sauces and Jams. Fruit products from Shimla are ideal gifts to carry for near and dear ones. These are available in various forms at many company and government outlets along the Kalka Shimla national highway.

HPMC is the government agency involved in food processing and all type of products including fresh apple juices can be purchased from its various outlets in Shimla and all along the national highway towards Chandigarh. Various kinds of fruit packs are available to carry back for friends and relatives.

Products to carry back home

Juices and squashes

Apple, Guava, Litchi, Mango, Pineapple strawberry, orange

Pickles and chutneys

Mango, Lemon, Green Chilly, ginger garlic, mushroom mixed etc...

Jams & Sauces

Apple, pineapple, plum, Kiwi, strawberry, apricot, mixed fruit jams, tomato sauces and ketchups

Wood products from Shimla

Wood products like walking sticks, decorative small boats, wooden toys, key chains etc. which are ideal gifts to carry can be bought from the Lakkar bazaar adjoining the ridge Shimla. This is the popular place to buy wooden articles. The attractive wooden items are prepared from the softwood found in the hilly region.
Playing with wooden toys would be a thing of the past for many but your trip to Shimla would be incomplete if you did not pick up a souvenir from its quaint handicrafts market called Lakkar Bazaar. Standing at the end of Ridge, the place is a stockpile of toys, walking sticks, Shimla sceneries, key rings, pen stands, clips, kitchen ware, trays and varied other memorabilia chiselled out of wood.

Balwant Singh, who owns Himachal Fine Art Store that his grandfather Atma Singh set up in 1903, says, 'A few families had migrated from Lehli Kalaun village in Hoshiarpur to Shimla in the beginning of 1900s in search of business. They settled down in Lakkar Bazaar and their third or fourth generations are carrying forward the business. Initially, only four or five shops specialized in making wooden walking sticks. The other gift items were added later to the market shelves.'


Shimla Shopping & entertainment guide

There is an enormous range of goods that Shimla has to offer. This includes handicrafts, wood and metalwork, shawls, pullovers, local tweeds, caps, juices, pickles, jams and squashes.

Lakkar Bazaar
The discerning shopper would find shopping in Shimla a pleasant experience. Like all hill stations in India, Shimla also has a rich and diverse forestland. One thing that must feature in your shopping cart in Shimla is the walking sticks. This and more is available in the Lakkar bazaar adjoining the ridge. The bazaar offers everything from toys, figurines, candle stands, key chains, carved sticks to pots, pans and spoons - all made of wood. The ace craftsmen in Shimla make exquisite walking sticks out of the wood available in Shimla. Shimla fruit products are also ideal gifts for near and dear ones.

The Mall
Shimla shopping center is basically centered around the Mall of Shimla. The Mall flocks with innumerable shops on both the sides. Shopping in Shimla is an absolute delight. There are various emporiums loaded with handicrafts on the mall. The government emporiums are more famous.

Local Himachal handicrafts like Woolen and pashmina shawls, decorative items, handmade shoes, dolls, the famous Himachali woolen caps, rugs, woolen coats etc. are available in these emporiums.

Weavers in the Kullu-Manali region weave colorful caps on their looms, which are favorite with the tourists visiting this region.

Lower Bazaar
As the name suggests the Lower Bazaar is located below the Mall. In between these two is the middle bazaar. These the shopping place for the local people. People from villages around Shimla are seen shopping at these markets. Goods here are also cheaper as compared to the mall. This is a narrow bazaar with traditional shops on both sides. Natthu Halwai, Mehru Halwai and Gujjar Khan Sweets are popular sweet shops in Lower bazaar.

These are some of the most popular restaurants in Shimla located on and around the mall road.

Baljees Restaurant
Alfa Restaurant
Indian coffee house
Embassy Bar and restaurant
Devicos sweets and restaurant
Deepak Vaishnav Bhojnalya
Himani restaurant
Rendezvous Bar & Restaurant
Nalini restaurant
Ashiana & Goofa restaurant ( government)


These are the popular bakeries on the mall road famous for pastries and cakes

Trishool baker
Krishna Bakers Confectioners

Cinema Halls
Shimla has three cinema halls. These are old ones and have limited seating capacity. Ritz being the best in ambience.

Rivoli Theatre :Located near Ice skating Rink, Lakkar Bazaar
Ritz Theatre : located at the ridge behind Christ Church and
Shahi Theatre Located near Bus Stand

Gaiety Theatre is a prehistoric building in Shimla located on the mall road. It is one of the major attractions of Shimla. It has been renovated recently to make it more attractive. Many movies have been shot in the old theatre (like Gadar) and it is witness to some of the finest stage plays of its time. Many popular film personalities have performed on its stage. Attached to the theatre is a club known as Amateur Dramatic Club (ADC) meant exclusively for members. Various shows and events are organized here from time to time. Schools in Shimla also use this theater for performing arts.

Aapo Aap Shimla Homestay : Shimla homestays, Himachal homestays, Shimla B&B, Shimla bnb, Shimla bed and breakfast
On Spiritual parameters, Aapo Aap gives you total energy of facing the rising sun. In its south west, there is spiritual protection of Maa Tara Devi. The terrace, on which the meditation room is located, has beautiful unobstructed view which is ideally suited for Sadhna. The mediation room with its tapering conical roof lined with wood and having big glass windows on all sides makes it an ideal place for merging individual consciousness in Cosmic Consciousness.

"Aapo Aap" literally means "On Its Own" (Swatah-in Hindi). This name has been inspired by our Guruji's place known as "Dera Aapo Aap" ("Dera" means "Living Abode")

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